By making clothes and gear that are multifunctional and stand the test of time, the rate of consumption is reduced.


To reach a sustainable level of consumption, we have begun the journey to become circular so that we, like nature, can create new products from those nearing the end of their life. This means increasing our used share of recycled or sustainably produced virgin materials. A strong design focus is on making items that are easy to mend and care for, thus extending their life span over to a second or even third user. And in end, we make it easy to recycle the different parts.

nothing bad

We actively work to eliminate what’s bad for us humans or our planet from our processes and products. This includes reducing our footprint by removing all phtalates, fluorocarbons, silver and biocides, and by using SolutionDye, a water saving dyeing process, and by raising the standards of all our manufacturing partners. Saving our only planet is a challenge that inspires and motivates us to become better. We accept that challenge every single day.


Minimizing water usage is a major challenge for all textile manufacturers. For us at Everest, this is a prioritized topic. To minimize our water usage during the production of our clothes, we invest majorly in the energy and water efficient technology: Solution Dye.


We are working continuously to ensure that our production does not contain substances and chemicals which can cause skin irritation, allergies, be carcinogenic or have a negative impact on the environment.

sustainable & recyclable materials

Our goal at Everest is 100 percent sustainable textile materials by 2025. By sustainable materials we mean materials that reduce our environmental footprint and promote a fairer production process.

animal care

Animals have the right to be treated humanely and have their basic needs met. Our demands regarding animal care when it comes to production is based on “The five freedoms” developed by The World Organization of Animal Health.

quality & safety

All of our products are tested internally and by independent test institutes to ensure that the latest safety and quality requirements are being met.

logistics & transport

We constantly reduce the amount of material used to pack and transport our products. In collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we find ways to make sure our transports have as little impact on the environment as possible.