spring is served, enjoy!

Spring is just around the corner and we are more the exited to fill our thermoses, pack a snack ore two and head outdoors dressed in our new outdoor collection.

gear up and stay safe

Do not forget to make a proper inventory of your equipment before travel time. Is something missing? Explore our range of equipment with the latest technology from carefully selected partners.


"This, my dear friends, is a story that will take you to the highest mountains of Sweden, to frozen lakes, to darkness and cold nights, struggles and failures, but also to sunshine, powder, and never-ending days in the north. Settle in, grab a drink (we prefer coffee) and let me tell you about an unforgettable journey in the northern parts of Sweden.” / Malou & Kajsa

recipes for cooking outdoors

Light, sound, aroma and fresh air makes the food taste better outdoors. So the next time you go out into the woods, replace hot dogs and S'morse with one of our recipes. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

outdoor pants guide

We at Everest love designing outdoor pants that makes it easier to enjoy the outdoors but at the same time is good for the enviroment. Find the perfect fit for you and your next adventure with our outdoor pants guide.

our story

We are everest and our mission is to make outdoor clothing and gear that let people enjoy time in nature, regardless of whether it’s a Svalbard expedition or a nearby adventure on a Saturday afternoon.

common grounds project goes alpine

The season's "The common grounds project" is finally here! The initiative where we step up the production to achieve a more long-term result. This time it’s in parts of our alpine range. We have worked to create durable products made of the high quality materials with sustainability in focus.